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CAO – Brazilia

underthegun - Jan 28, 2009

UnderTheGun here again with another review. I love cigars and hope that any readers of this blog take my reviews with that grain of truth I try…

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For a good time…

Robusto Review - Jan 23, 2009

If you ever need to unwind, and I mean really unwind, try the following recipe. Cigar Onyx Reserve or Romeo y Julieta Bully Drink - Single malt…

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Romeo y Julieta – Bully

underthegun - Jan 18, 2009

As always Romeo y Julieta cigars are top shelf material. The Bully is one of my favorite stogies by this legendary company. They're strong, they burn slow,…

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Vegafina – Hecho A Mano

underthegun - Jan 12, 2009

Normally I wouldn't find myself trying this cigar. I try to stick to the more well-known brands or at least well-known to me. I found myself strapped…

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CAO – Mx2

underthegun - Dec 30, 2008

Full bodied, strong, and amazing. These cigars are not for the novice smoker. These stogies pack a punch! They burn perfectly and have a great chocolaty taste…

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Gurkha – Turk

underthegun - Dec 24, 2008

Though it's a milder cigar, considering it's by Gurkha, this is one amazing cigar that strengthens as you smoke it. It has a very creamy smoke and…

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Onyx – Reserve

underthegun - Dec 23, 2008

This cigar really surprises me. It has a very thick and creamy smoke and an almost chocolate nutty taste. It is a very classic cigar, I think…

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Perdomo – Tierra del Sol

kicktailtimmy - Dec 22, 2008

Size: Torpedo (6.5 x 50) Wrapper: Maduro Strength: Mild to Mild/Medium Personal Rating: 9/10 Price: around $3.00 I found it... my perfect daily cigar. An important part…

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Rocky Patel – Edge

underthegun - Dec 20, 2008

The Edge is definitely one of the stronger cigars I've smoked but I was surprised at how smooth and tasty it was. The Edge has a very…

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Perdomo – Lot 23

underthegun - Dec 19, 2008

This were my first cigar and still one of my top picks. They have a very nutty taste to them, and I remember drinking a cup of…