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and the winner is…

Robusto Review - May 27, 2009

Congratulations to Jason Reese for winning. We'll post up his review soon and a short online interview we've given to him. He has won a small assortment…

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The first RRcom contest is over!

Robusto Review - May 09, 2009

We'll be announcing the winner in a few days.

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The RobustoReview.com Entry Contest!

Robusto Review - Apr 08, 2009

Hello RobustoReview.com readers! Do we ever have a treat for you! We're giving YOU a chance to win a variety pack of cigars hand selected by me,…

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great new features!

Robusto Review - Apr 03, 2009

Hey guys, We're happy to announce the first edition of the RobustoReview.com store! We have different sections covering humidors, books, gift sets, and much more! So be…

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new method for posting reviews

Robusto Review - Mar 30, 2009

Hello RRcom Readers! Along with the normal function of allowing our users to register and post reviews we're pleased to announce we have two permanent cigar review…

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ah what a move!

Robusto Review - Mar 03, 2009

Hey gang, I'm back and ready to allow people to start registering and leaving reviews once more! I've been real busy moving over the last couple of…

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A quick this & that about emails…

Robusto Review - Dec 22, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that apparently emails being sent to Yahoo mail are taking an hour+ to get sent out and then being put in…

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Feel free to post a review!

Robusto Review - Dec 20, 2008

Hey RRcom users!, This is just a reminder to tell you that you can give a review too! Just register with the website and go to the…

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Welcome to RobustoReview.com!

Robusto Review - Dec 17, 2008

A website for the true cigar enthusiast! We'll be posting many reviews of every kind of cigar under the sun and maybe have a few laughs along…